Lake County, Indiana, OWI And Traffic Ticket Lawyer

There's A Reason We Are Called Counselors-At-Law

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Arrested for a crime? Injured in an accident? Choosing an attorney can be daunting. You want to find someone you can trust, someone who will explain the legal process to you, someone who will be not just an attorney, but a guide for you.

Attorneys are often referred to as "Counselors-at-Law." There is a simple explanation for that: As your legal representative, it is our job to counsel you on the process and your options, and guide you in making decisions.

Your case is as unique as you are, and at the Law Office of Roy Dominguez, we work with you to gather all relevant information and evidence that can help us help you. From the inception to the end of your case, we take our responsibility as your legal counselor very seriously.

Our Areas Of Focus: Criminal Defense And Personal Injury

Located in Merrillville, Indiana, and serving Lake County, the Law Office of Roy Dominguez offers compassionate, caring representation in personal injury and criminal defense.

If you or someone you love has been injured, you can be sure that the kind and understanding staff at the Law Office of Roy Dominguez will help alleviate some of the difficulties you are facing by adeptly handling all aspects of your legal claim, allowing you to concentrate on getting better. We will handle your case comprehensively and professionally.

We also handle a broad range of criminal cases, including traffic offenses, DUIs and drug crimes. Nonjudgmental and easy to talk to, Roy Dominguez knows the judiciary. As a retired Lake County sheriff, he knows the intricacies of the criminal court system. When he handles your case, he holds the prosecutors to their burden of proof, protecting your constitutional rights.